9/10/2014  "This is a beautiful farm run by a loving family.  They are very welcoming to visitors.  I live right down the road and it is a pleasure to see what pride they have taken to create this family farm.  I look forward to the additions in the future.  I have purchased the homemade soap and I really enjoyed it.  The scents are wonderful and they are very moisturizing and kind to the skin.  I will definately buy more in the future."  Wendy C.

9/10/2014  "Love the soaps and the heirloom peppers."  Amy S.

8/14/2015  "Amazing osso buco!!  Highly recommend :-)"  Jennifer T.

6/6/2015  "Great service and awesome eggs and meat!"  Anonymous Square purchaser

12/15/2014  "We had a wonderful leg of lamb, from Burnt Mill Farm, Monday for dinner.  It seemed like a festive meal and was so good.  Very easy to prepare also - scored what little fat there was just to the meat not piercing the meat.  Put cloves of garlic on top and bottom of it, unpeeled, then set sprigs of rosemary on top and underneath then steamed a TBSP of olive oil over it.  Covered it with foil to seal.  Heated the oven to 450 then just as I set it in the oven turned it down to 325 and let it bake for 4 hours.  It was fabulous!  My husband hasn't ever cared for lamb.  This he liked.  We didn't mind having leftovers the following night and I've made a soup for last night.  It weems the perfect meal for such a night.  Looking forward to having more lamb in my freezer soon!  Wish I had pictures of it out of the oven but I was too anxious to get into it after the 15 minute rest from the oven.  Oh well, next time."  Gloria E.

174 Burnt Mill Rd.
Churchville, NY 14428


If you have any questions about our livestock, products, availibility, etc., please complete the form below and we will respond as soon as possible if requested to do so. Thank you.

Burnt Mill Farm

Burnt Mill Farm is a family-run, sustainable farm in the Rochester, NY area.  We are dedicated to using sustainable, permaculture practices, being good stewards of the resources that God has given us. 

Our family raises delicious-tasting, natural meats and eggs without added hormones, antibiotics or man-made additives.  Burnt Mill Farm sells pasture-raised lamb, retail cuts available spring until sold out, handmade soaps and body care products.  We do not use preservatives, petrolatum or paraffin.

Burnt Mill Farm was founded back in the mid 1800's. It has always been a working farm, being passed on to several generations of family members. The Parsons' family would like to bring Burnt Mill Farm back to its glory, completing the vision that Charlie Daycock had when he and his wife, Doris, graciously allowed our family to purchase it in 2004.  Lord willing, this farm will provide lots of high quality food for our local community to enjoy and many fond memories for our family and those who come to visit.  To God be the Glory!  


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